ProTrain Testimonials

Bryan and Kira have made many friends doing the work they love. Here are a few friends that have chosen to write about their experiences….

The impact Bryan and Kira had on our family is undeniable: their care and knowledge made the difference between us being able to keep our little pit bull mix rescue and having to give her up to an uncertain future. “Charlie” is an adorable, sweet, sweet dog with a lovely temperament and who adores her family, but who badly needed lessons in manners. Because of her obvious pit bull heritage, we were particularly conscious of the need to be sure we had the best-behaved dog on the block. On a recommendation from our veterinarian we contacted ProTrain to help teach Charlie, and more importantly us, her family, how to handle a dog whose entire breed has a bad reputation. Bryan gave us the tools we needed to confidently train our exuberant, impulsive and somewhat reactive pup. While she has never been anything other than loving to myself, my husband and my three daughters (youngest only 10), she quickly proved to be a bit of a menace to anyone else who entered our house. Once we started working with Bryan, however, the changes in Charlie’s behavior were immediate: we were able to minimize the barking and aggressive behavior to our house-guests, and walks went from an unpleasant battle of wills to — quite literally — a stroll in the park. And when we couldn’t dedicate the time required to really allow her near other dogs and people with confidence, Bryan and Kira took Charlie home with them to doggie boot camp. When we got her back she was, without question, the best behaved dog in the neighborhood. Her nature has not changed — she still has a tendency to be reactive — but I know with 100% confidence that I can work with that and feel good about her not only behaving well when strangers come to our house, but also when she meets other dogs. Bryan and Kira may well have saved Charlie’s life. I am forever indebted.

Becky Rooney, Germantown, TN

Our precious and sweet puppy, Mabel, had become a terror. Mabel was being aggressive and out of control. Mabel seemed to be the picture of perfection at obedience puppy classes we were attending elsewhere where only positive motivation and treats were used. However, Mabel’s behavior was a completely different story at home. Mabel was great at tricks, but did not respond at all to any of our attempts at obedience. The worst part was her aggression towards us, her family, when she had a treat or toy.
One morning, I had lost all hope and called my vet in tears. I did not know how much longer I could work this hard and still have made no progress. The breeder had agreed to take Mabel back. I could not believe this was happening. The vet said it was time to call Bryan at Protrain Memphis and not to give up. I talked to Kira and was to meet with Bryan the next day.
I met with Bryan for several hours. Bryan not only showed me how to work with Mabel, but explained and taught me the reasoning behind it all. It made sense. I left with an entirely new understanding of how to work with my dog. Mabel was due to board at Protrain the week after our initial meeting. It started with the special collar Bryan uses with dogs. Bryan and Kira took time to get to know Mabel while she boarded, she even went home with them! After getting to know Mabel, Bryan knew how to proceed. He suggested we use an E-collar. The only images I could conjure up were hunting dogs being lit up with a dramatic charge. Bryan assured us, this would not be his technique. The e-collar has changed everything! The e-collar is an unbelievable aid. Bryan has taught our family how to use the collar as a part of Mabel’s training. There is clear instruction and technique to use the collar. It is not cruel. The stimulus is just enough to get Mabel to respond to commands. Mabel is happy and very eager to please. There is also no doubt she knows what is expected of her. The best part – Mabel is unbelievable all the time! We have the life we intended to have with our dog.

I tell everybody how much Protrain means to us. It was obvious from the moment I spoke with Kira and met with Bryan they were going to help us. Bryan knows Mabel and has taught me how to work with Mabel. I truly can’t thank them enough for their roll in our life with our puppy.

Katherine Lawson, Memphis, TN

We will never be able to thank you enough for the lessons you provided to our newly adopted dog, Lily, and to us. We had never owned a Mastiff before, and our Lily was in another home for the first 4 years of her life, rather sheltered from all socialization. She was never walked on a leash and had alot of fearful defensive behavior when she came to our house. We were very hesitant about keeping her and seriously considered giving her back to the Mastiff Rescue we got her from. You both helped us to understand Lily’s behaviors and correct them. You have such a deep understanding of animals…..it’s like you knew Lily within the first 5 minutes you met her. We were so sad when she left us to stay 2 weeks at your Beginner Dog Program in order to get socialized to all of the activity that would shortly be going on in our home; but it was well worth every second she was gone. We were in a time crunch because of my elderly parents moving in with us Thanksgiving weekend and you accomodated us completely. Your kindness and efforts will never be forgotten, and we are so thrilled that you saw what an amazing dog Lily could be for our family with a little training and follow up. Lily fits in perfect with our family now, she is very settled in, she is off of her proin medication completely and never has any anxiety related incontinence any more, we are pleased to say. She allows all of the caregivers for my parents to enter and leave many times during the day without more than a bark or two, and she immediately gives them a friendly greeting when they walk in the front door. All of the small tips you gave us work, and the fact that she is “food motivated” with her treats doesn’t hurt! And, most of all, she has become my father’s best friend in life. He said she is better than any dog he has ever owned, and he has had dogs in his home throughout his life. We look forward to coming back for follow up classes and boarding her at your wonderful facility when we leave town on occasion. Again, thank you for your services. We have spoken out loudly to our friends and family regarding your training abilities and hope that you continue to help many more families with their pet issues in the future. Our Lily is the light of our everyday lives. And thank you Dr. Susan Heartsill, at Downtown Animal Hospital, for the wonderful recommendation !

Holly and Tim Mosteller, Midtown Memphis, TN

After only two lessons with Bryan, our rescue dog, Rick, has learned so much! The first time Bryan came over, Rick sat at his feet and just looked up at him, I think the dog was entranced with Bryan. Rick was really out of control, we had only adopted him a little over a month ago. We could not even have friends come over, he was so hyper. He is not aggressive, just acts like a big pup who never had any training and one who is not a year old yet. Bryan has taught him in only two lessons to sit, get into his kennel, get into the car, stay down, stay off, and heel! I cannot wait to see what he learns at his next lesson! We intend to continue lessons at ProTrain Memphis with Bryan and his staff. Both my husband and I have been so impressed with all of the knowledge that Bryan has – he is training us as much as the dog, which I feel is very important. Another thing I really like is that Bryan will send you e mails on exactly what he has taught each lesson; these notes are very specific and very easy to refer back to. I am keeping a folder with each of them in it so that we can go back and re-read his instructions if we forget. ProTrain Memphis is exactly what we needed with Rick. And, by the way, a friend came over today and Rick went through everything he has learned and she could not believe the change in our dog! Thank you so much, Bryan, this is making our lives (and Rick’s life, too) so much more enjoyable.

Alicia and Eduardo McKenzie, Germantown, TN

Thanks to ProTrain Memphis, Little Red Riding Hood is in complete control of the Big Bad Wolf:

This is a picture of Kendall and Kashmir on Halloween. Kendall (Red Riding Hood) is only 8 years old and weighs approximately 60 lbs. Kashmir, the Big Bad Wolf, is an adolescent Irish Wolfhound weighing approximately 130 lbs. Kashmir attended OBS, Beginner Dog Program at ProTrain Memphis. I was amazed with her progress after only 2 weeks of training. There is no pulling or tugging on the leash. She walks beautifully at the heel and at the same pace as her handler. In fact, she works as well off lead as on. Some of this is due to her natural temperament, but ProTrain put it all together for us. I never worry about handing her off to Kendall when we go places. We’ve been to horse shows, parks, the vet, on neighborhood walks, etc., and Kendall has never had the first problem maintaining control of her. Thanks, ProTrain, for helping Kashmir to become the best family dog ever!

Debbie Glen, Memphis, TN

Lucy is a fiercely loyal, high energy German Shepherd with a love/hate relationship with a leash. Although she’s one of the sweetest dogs ever, a German Shepherd that hates a leash is a nightmare for anyone, but it’s especially challenging for someone living in an apartment. Lucy would get so aggressive anytime I took her outside that I seriously considered finding another home for her. She would bark, jump, pull, and bolt any time she saw another dog. My neighbors were terrified of her. They didn’t believe me when I told them how sweet and gentle she was. I’d tried so many different obedience classes and none of them seemed to work. She was great during classes, but it was either fight or flight when we got home. I heard about ProTrain through the grapevine and decided to give it a shot. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. Lucy is night and day different. It’s absolutely amazing – I can finally take her on a walk without getting my arm pulled out of its socket. She walks beside me and sits whenever I stop, even without me giving her the command. I was worried about sending my dog away for 2 weeks with a complete stranger, but it is seriously the best decision I’ve ever made. The facilities are clean, the staff is fabulous, and it is worth every penny. If you’re reading these testimonials, you’re already hooked. Just do it! You’ll only wish you’d done it sooner.

Kate Sauer, Memphis, TN

We picked up our 80 pound boy in Virginia in late May 2013. We’ve had Airedales before but it’s been quite a while since we’ve had one this young AND energetic! After a few weeks of Snickers taking US for walks around the neighborhood, we knew we had training issues and heard about ProTrain from a fellow Airedale puppy owner.

We signed Snickers up for the Beginner Dog Program with Bryan for two weeks. When we picked Snickers up at the end of his training period we were amazed at the changes in his on-leash behavior! He would now “heel”, “sit” and “down” on command and no longer felt it necessary to lunge at the ducks in our neighborhood pond. Neighbors who laughed at Snickers taking US for walks were now amazed at his transformation.

After a few months we took Snickers back to ProTrain for Intermediate training. I was apprehensive about how Snickers would get along with other dogs but he did great and got even better at commands and doggy socialization!

In addition to the great training offered at ProTrain, we have utilized their Doggy Day Care and Boarding services. Doggy Daycare has been great for Snickers’ interaction with other dogs and we have never been so confident in boarding our dog as we have been with Kira and Bryan at ProTrain! We used to limit vacations so as to not have to board our pet for longer than two nights. With ProTrain, we are confident that our pet is in a great facility and is getting great care. I am so glad we found ProTrain; it’s our “go to” place for everything important to the well being of our dog!

Peggy and Bill Wertz, Cordova, TN

I would like to personally thank Kira and Bryan Bailey for both the professionalism and expertise they showed when I decided to send my one-year-old Golden Retriever, Alfie, through the Obedience Boarding School, Intermediate Dog Program. I had taken him to another group obedience training class when he was five months old, and the results were lackluster. I was only shown the mechanical aspects of what to do. However, I was not informed of the logic behind obedience training. Once Bryan showed me precisely how to handle Alife and taught me how his senses work together, everything began to fall into place.

Before Alfie went to ProTrain, walking him was not the most enjoyable experience as he would constantly pull and jump. He could sit, stay, and down but it was on his terms and only if there were no distractions. I’ve never wanted to be the owner of a dog who people didn’t want to be around, complaining the dog is uncontrollable. I wanted to be able to take him with me anywhere and not have to worry that he would be a nuisance. I wanted people to find his company a joy and pleasure.

When I picked up Alfie after completing the ten day Intermediate Dog Program, I was amazed at the transformation. Now, he heels right next to me, holds a down for an extended period of time, and sits patiently, yet focused for his next command. He now goes in and out of his crate in a calm and controlled manner. His overall self-control is dramatically different. Furthermore, he seems happier now that he has established rules and boundaries as to what is expected of him.

At first, I was apprehensive about sending him away for an extended period of time, but I have no regrets because he was in excellent hands. Bryan and Kira know exactly what they are doing. Sending Alfie to ProTrain was definitely a worthwhile investment, because he will be around for many years. And now our companionship will be more enjoyable for both of us since he received proper training at a young age. I have already signed him up for the Finished Dog Program later this fall, and I am excited to see his further transformation.

Brad Ruleman, Memphis, TN

If you love your dog, you will love ProTrain. Our family has four large dogs and we were on the verge of being overwhelmed when we discovered ProTrain. Bryan and Kira took our younger dogs through the Obedience Boarding School, Beginner Dog Program and we went from having a house full of dogs running amok, where screams of “NO!” and “Stop it!” were the norm to a place where the dogs enjoy our company and we get so much more out of our relationship with them. Bryan and Kira do not just train the dogs, they explain to you, the owner, how you can better relate to the dog in a way the dog can absorb the information. Through their teachings, we have even been able to defy the conventional wisdom and have taught our older dogs some new tricks. I have recommended them to every person I know who has a dog. If your dog is misbehaving, they can provide the aid you need to get the relationship on track. If your dog is relatively well-behaved, Bryan and Kira can provide insight that
improves that relationship as well. We will always have dogs in our life, and I hope we will always have Bryan and Kira here to help us make the most of our time with our animals.

Amy and Shea Flinn, Memphis, TN

Dakota is a sweet lab-hound mix desperately wanting love and attention but she just didn’t know how to get it. Upon adopting her, she was highly anxious and aggressive. Unfortunately, her temperament led to many unfriendly encounters with dogs and her desire to chase squirrels led to a collision with the front end of a car. Her incessant barking was a nuisance and her chewing destroyed countless shoes and pieces of furniture. We could not walk her without fear of encountering another dog. After consulting with my vet, I started working with Bryan and Kira on an individualized Pharmacotherapy Program to address Dakota’s aggression. Dakota showed immediate improvement. In fact, she had such a positive response to her medication she was able to enroll in Obedience Boarding School shortly thereafter. During her obedience training, Dakota mastered basic commands and had critical opportunities for socialization. After completion of both programs, Dakota’s behavior has improved dramatically. She truly is a new dog.

Tucker is a 2-year-old 110lb Labrador Retriever who thinks he is a lap dog. While he has a very sweet temperament, his ornery and hyperactive behavior (along with his sheer size) was always getting him in trouble. We enrolled Tucker in the Finished Dog Program. While I was confident Tucker would do well in the program, I was astonished by the results. He no longer pulls me down the street by his leash. We can go to the park without him tearing off into the woods. Tucker no longer jumps on guests, acts unruly around the house, or digs up the backyard. Perhaps most appreciated by others, he will hold his down during meals instead of drooling all over anyone with food in hand. Is the program expensive? Yes. It is worth the cost? Every penny. I have no regrets about investing in Tucker by sending him to the Finished Dog Program. I can now confidently walk both Tucker and Dakota together without any concerns about their behavior.

In sum, Bryan and Kira have established a reliable and high quality dog training program. Not only will they train your dog, but they will teach you the skills necessary to maintain and foster the positive behaviors your dog has learned. Most importantly, they will care for and treat your dogs as if they were their own. Tucker and Dakota are always excited to see Bryan and Kira when we return to their home for boarding. I highly recommend ProTrain to anyone with dog training needs. It will be well worth your investment.

Tara Brinkman, Memphis, TN

ProTrain has made a huge difference in our lives! After getting our third English Mastiff, we knew we needed help. Chunk is by no means your typical Mastiff. He is an extremely large, high energy, stubborn bulldozer of a pup. But because of the OBS, Beginner Dog Program, Chunk has become a pleasure. Weighing in at almost 220 pounds and with almost two years left of growing and filling out, I can honestly say that I’m not afraid to walk him or take him anywhere — even if he does weigh over 80 pounds more than I do! He walks like a champ on a leash, and he doesn’t pull or let distractions bother him. He sits, lies down, and remains there! After he came back from ProTrain, it was like having a different dog — one that would actually listen and could be taken anywhere. And we have! For example, Chunk was chosen to represent “The Beast” at the screening of The Sandlot at AutoZone Park in June 2013. Before the movie, everyone who wanted to, was able to have their photo taken with Chunk as they came into the stadium. With Charlie’s help, Chunk was the perfect gentleman. He sat for close to 100 photos with adults and children of all ages, who were hugging, holding, and petting him. Without the training ProTrain provided, that occasion would not have been possible. We are stopped constantly when we go out with Chunk. People always ask, “How did you train him?” And they always say, “He is so well behaved!” We are happy to give them ProTrain’s contact information every time, and will continue to do so every chance we get!

ProTrain has also changed the life of one of our other Mastiffs, Mr. Tank. His extreme fear of
everything — and I mean everything — from a leaf falling off a tree to his own shadow, made it
impossible for us to have guests over or go anywhere near him without him urinating out of
fear. When Bryan and Kira came to our house to assess him, Tank would not make eye contact
with them and urinated all over himself within minutes. Bryan suggested a pharmacotherapy
program and contacted our veterinarian himself to recommend the medication he believed
would help. With Bryan’s deep understanding of dogs and years of experience, we trusted his
recommendations. Tank has been on his pharmacotherapy program for a while now, and the
differences we see in him, though perhaps small to others, are incredible to us. Tank smiles! He
can go outside without anxiety and has not urinated out of fear since the beginning of
treatment. Tank can sit on the couch while guests are over and even lets some of them pet him!
Our Tank is almost seven and has lived every day in fear. Bryan and Kira have changed his life
forever! And for that, we cannot thank them enough. Their knowledge, ability, and love for
dogs exceeds anything we have ever seen, and we will always spread the word to everyone
about ProTrain!

With all of our hearts, thank you!
Charlene and Chris Vozeh
Tank, Chunk, Dozier, and Pickles

I’d just like to take a moment to share my experience with ProTrain. I have been a dog owner for almost 19 years. Only in the last six years did we traverse into “indoor dog” territory. We quickly realized this would require training and set about it with a strong determination. I read every book I could get my hands on and watched every video or dog show on television I could find. Almost immediately we hired an individual trainer. I bought almost every training device or collar you could imagine. I jumped through many hoops over the last six years but it just wasn’t enough to get the job done. With tiny dogs though, it can be easy to ignore bad behavior. Knowing in your mind what to do often isn’t enough to put into practice successfully with your own dog.
This past year we brought a mid-sized dog into our family. We quickly realized this would necessitate better training. I didn’t know where to turn.

Thankfully, I saw ProTrain driving down Poplar and decided to call. That turn of fate has changed our lives.
With our fingers crossed, we sent our dear Lola, a year old English Goldendoodle, to their Obedience Boarding School, Beginner Dog Program. We never imagined what lay in store for us when she returned! Now we can finally enjoy Lola as part of our family! She is an absolute joy! No longer does she rocket around the house like a bullet. No longer does she jump on people and furniture. No longer are we seized with a panic when she is unexpectedly loose and there may be a food item on a counter or table she can reach. No longer does she pull me down the street on the leash. And no longer is she either crated or outside for the majority of her day.
ProTrain/Bryan and Kira, are professionals and their methodology is all backed up by science and down right common sense. Their training method is so much easier to implement than juggling treats and clickers.
They are incredibly kind, intelligent and loving people who will take your dog back to the basics of good manners in a clear and concise manner.

I am thankful that I have had the good fortune to meet Bryan and Kira and have them train our dogs. It has transformed our family experience with Lola. She is now able to be out of her crate for most of the day. She can interact with the family in a calm manner while the toddler is playing, my son is eating on the couch, I am needlepointing an intricate design, and kids are lying on the floor watching tv. And all at once! It’s amazing!!! I can’t encourage you enough to take that leap and invest in your family’s happiness, because ultimately that is truly what dogs bring to our lives and why we love them so much.

Susan Jerit, Memphis, TN

Cooper has been doing great in his new home in Connecticut since moving from Germantown. I called you back in July and had some concerns regarding how he was showing some aggression against other dogs, especially when he was being walked by Kelsey, and solicited your advice. Your tips on us keeping him in a firm sit position as other dogs are passing by has really helped curb the behavior.

We do not have a backyard, so we must walk him outside 3-4 times per day for him to use the restroom, and also to give him plenty of exercise. His leash walking is great, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Also, we live in a part of town that has many outdoor bars and restaurants, and I couldn’t be happier with how we are able to take him to these bars and restaurants, put him in a down position, and he just lays there while we enjoy our meal. He loves being around us, so this is a perfect way for us to incorporate leash training, exercise, and bonding, while Kelsey and I partake in some of our favorite activities, which is eating and drinking on a patio.

We live in a townhome complex with other dogs and small children. The children love Cooper, and Cooper has always been fantastic with kids, but now I can put him in a sit or a down position and let the kids pet him and not have to worry about him getting too excited and jumping on the children, or knocking them over. We have videos of putting him in a down position, and little toddlers will crawl all over him and pull on his ears and he lifts his head up and licks them. It’s probably the cutest thing in the world.

Cacey and Kelsey Nawaf, Connecticut

It was amazing what you all were able to do with her in just two weeks! She was a different animal when we got her back! She went from “spirited” and sometimes wild puppy that we were getting started with on SIT, WHOA, FETCH, KENNEL, NO and a little re. POTTY to a well-trained young dog for SIT/stay, DOWN/stay, HERE, HEEL, FREE and getting the idea of OFF. All the important discipline commands. At first it was a little weird how reserved and mature she acted the first few days. In fact, I even wondered if, “ghee, did they take all the puppy out of her or break her?” But as she re-acclimated to us and home more of the puppy came back. I work with her 2-4 short sessions every day and she has been fantastic. I couldn’t have been more pleased and have told numerous people about your business. Besides the results, the up-front orientation and turnover programs were terrific and really helped my wife and kids who have never trained a dog. You all run a top notch really impressive business!!!

Allan Ranson, Collierville, TN

Two years ago when we adopted one year old Lilly from National Brittany Rescue as a mate for our older Brittany girl Abbey, we did not expect her to have twice the energy that Abbey did at that age! We knew she had been surrendered to foster care and that she had some emotional growing up to do. However, we quickly discovered that she had separation anxiety when crated, refused to walk properly on a leash, and would not allow anyone to walk into the house without demanding attention in the most negative ways possible. After enduring more than six months of trying to manage her ill behavior we were at our wits end. Fortunately for us, our veterinarian suggested that we contact Bryan at ProTrain.

I’ll never forget Bryan’s comment that his entry into our house for a consultation was ‘one of the roughest front door encounters’ he had happened upon in a long time. I allowed him to take charge of the situation and he settled both Lilly and Abbey down quickly. We then discussed the nature of the Brittany Spaniel, Lilly’s rambunctiousness, and how the Beginner Dog program could help us regain control of what was obviously a bad situation. We were completely impressed with Bryan’s experience and level of expertise. We knew that Lilly needed some drastic behavioral modification and felt Bryan was the one to do this. Without hesitation, we signed her up for the two week Obedience Boarding School intensive training program.

At the end of the two week program, our over the top Lilly came home a more settled, obedient pup anxious to please. My husband and I were awed by her ability to calmly walk by our heels, hold a down position, and come when called. Bryan spent the better part of her return home teaching us how to maintain our ‘new’ girl and showed us how to foster and reinforce good behavior.

We are so very grateful to ProTrain for helping us get Lilly through that rough period in her life, and ours. While our girl is still a bit wild and wooly from time to time because she’s an active hunting dog at heart, Lilly is smart as a whip, always aims to please, knows what’s expected of her, and is a beautiful, sweet, loving member of our family.

Thank you Bryan, Kira and ProTrain!!!

Karyn and Jerry Waxman, Germantown, TN

Our beloved Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Murray, developed sudden and unwelcome behavior. He would snap and snarl any time a hand got anywhere near his face. We were very alarmed and, at first, thought that the cause was a physical problem. After being extensively checked over by veterinarians (including a teeth cleaning and eye exam), Dr. Slattery at Walnut Grove Animal Clinic suggested ProTrain. Bryan met with us to access Murray’s behavior and to recommend a combined pharmacotherapy and behavior modification program. We began right away and the combination of short term drug therapy and behavior modification has made a dramatic improvement in Murray. The drug protocol did not alter his personality but merely calmed his anxiety while we worked to modify his aversion to having his faced touched. We would recommend ProTrain to anyone who is experiencing behavior problems with their dog. We are glad to have our boy back.

Dan and Teresa Vaccaro
Midtown Memphis

I never owned a dog before, so I was inexperienced when we brought home our puppy, Murphy. I knew that I wanted to have a well-behaved dog, but I didn’t know where to start. Based on the recommendation of my vet, I contacted ProTrain. From my initial phone conversation with Bryan, I was convinced I had made the right decision. I really appreciated learning theories of the ProTrain methods before we even started our lessons. Once the training began, we saw immediate results. In a relatively short period of time, Murphy now responds to all the commands we taught him and he is my jogging partner (off his leash)! I remember one of my first conversations with Bryan, who told me when a dog is trained, the dog is happier. I couldn’t fully understand at first, but now I do. We take our dog everywhere we go. He is truly part of the family now. I know I can trust him in any environment. When people meet Murphy, the first question I always get is, “How is he so well behaved?” Thank you ProTrain!

Wendi and Marc Mihalko, Memphis, TN

I’m so happy with my decision to send Sadie to ProTrain Memphis! It’s obvious that Bryan and Kira are doing what they love. It shows in their training! It’s a hard decision to send a pet to a training facility, but ProTrain is top notch and they take extremely good care of these dogs both physically and mentally. My dog is a bit timid and anxious at times, but since coming home from ProTrain she has been a completely different dog! She has decided that meeting new people and exploring new places is fun! She’s now a joy to take to my son’s ball games. Everyone loves a well behaved dog! I’ve been around the horse industry my entire life and there are a lot of different training methods and ways to do it. They do it right and the dogs tell the story. Animals don’t lie and it’s so relieving to know that ProTrain treats every dog that walks through the door like their very own. Thank you ProTrain!!

Suzanne Dement, Jackson, TN

After our golden retriever passed away last year we decided no more dogs. Then we decided we would get a small dog, and then somehow we settled on a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy that will easily top 100 lbs when full grown. These dogs are called gentle giants and according to everything we read, easy to train even at an early age, so we expected this calm little bundle of fur that with some training would grow into a gentle giant. Lily was 12 weeks old when we got her and it was obvious from the start that we had bitten off more than we could chew. She was wild as a goat and to say she was strong willed is an understatement. She had a lot of bad habits and we were struggling to give her any level of training at all, so we were faced with the decision of passing her on to someone else or seeking help with the training. The problem was we had grown attached to this gorgeous little wild dog. We checked with our vet who is also our daughter and she suggested we call ProTrain Memphis. We called Bryan and set up a series of in home training sessions. We were impressed with Bryan and Kira from the beginning. They have a very professional operation and a very structured approach to the training process for the dog and the learning process for the owners. The in home training began to turn Lily in the right direction, so we decided to sign her up for obedience boarding school with Bryan and Kira for two weeks. We were astounded with the result. Lily obeys all of the commands and her behavior has completely turned around. We are very grateful to Bryan and Kira for what they have done with Lily and highly recommend them to anyone who is seeking training for their pet.

Susanne and Michael Allen
Memphis, TN

When we decided to add another dog to our family, we were all excited. However, Bella, our new puppy, did not take to house breaking and training as quickly as our first dog, Bailey. In fact, she and Bailey did not get along at all, and she was becoming a nuisance to the entire family. At this point I knew I needed help, or I was going to have to find Bella a new home. After discussing this problem with our veterinarian, he suggested an in home trainer. His suggestion was ProTrain.

From the moment Bryan walked into our home we knew Bella was going to change. He demanded her respect immediately and he taught us how to get the same control. At first, I thought it may be the power of the contents within his treat bag, but even after he left and we put his theories into practice we noticed a change. Thanks to ProTrain, Bella is no longer part of a “can we keep her” conversation, but rather an “I am glad we have her” conversation, and Bailey now has a friend instead of an annoying little sister.

Along with in home lessons Bryan and Kira offer boarding for Bella. We have used this service multiple times, and each time we have been pleased. In the past, we have used other boarders and worried if our dog was being treated with love, but as soon as we walk in the door, the staff at ProTrain is friendly and welcoming. Bella even wags her tail when we hand her over to them. Last month was her first stay at the new facility. It is awesome!!

Thank you, Bryan and Kira, for not only making Bella a well behaved puppy, but also providing Bella a happy, fun place to stay when we are out of town.

April and Ross Spain
Germantown, TN (NO PIC)

Kira and Bryan have helped me so much with my 6 month old German Shepherd, Dakota. Although Dakota has always been fairly calm for a puppy, I always dreaded walking her for fear of people thinking I had no control over my dog. She was so easily distracted, would shy away from strangers and be all over the place on the leash. Since completing the 2 week OBS program with ProTrain, she has come back a different dog. She will walk just to the left of me, sit right next to me when I come to a stop, and hold a down position on command (even with tons of distractions). I take her for runs and she just trots along next to me without pulling or being distracted by people or dogs. This would have been an impossible task before the OBS program. The amazing thing is that it only took 2 weeks for this transformation to occur. Now I can say that I am so proud to walk and run with her and get many compliments on her behavior out in public. In addition, her behavior in the house has changed. I keep her in a down position while eating dinner and although she wants so badly to be near the food, she will lay on her pillow until I allow her to come to me. I take her to the dog park and I swear that she is the only dog that will come directly to me when I call her, even when she is in the midst of playing with other dogs. It’s unbelievable that she will do that with all the distractions in a dog park! And… she is still a puppy! I couldn’t be happier with the service ProTrain has provided me. Not only are they the nicest people, but also very passionate about what they do and I can tell they really care about Dakota like their own. I can only say THANK YOU!

Lindsay Berrios, Memphis, TN

ProTrain Memphis was one of the best investments I have made. There is something to be said for peace in the home. Before ProTrain, Moxie, our German Shepherd, was ruling the house and causing hurt feelings and frustration with every step. She was herding my 8 year old son, nipping / biting and jumping on him ALL the time. Nothing I did would help. I scoured the internet and books looking for the answer. I tried everything: treats, distracting with bones, toys, choke collars, kneeing in the chest, turning my back, stepping between her and my son, but nothing worked. She is a tough, stubborn dog and nothing I did worked. That is, until ProTrain came and saved our sanity. Since she came back from Obedience Boarding School peace has been restored. I enjoy taking her places with me like: PetSmart, Lowe’s and baseball practices. She gets the oohs and ahhhs when she holds her downs while waiting for me to look at whatever. When people come by to pet her she is still there holding her down like a champ. The best thing about Moxie and her training is that now I can go on my runs with both my son and my dog. Before ProTrain, this wasn’t possible. Moxie was so busy worrying about my son that I spent the whole time keeping her off of him until I would just give up, turn around and come home. We are now all going on runs together in harmony and it means the world to me!

Stephanie Beasley, Memphis, TN

We have been using ProTrain Memphis to train our now 5 month old miniature Australian Shepherd, Rusty, since we first got him at the age of 3 months. Rusty has had a total of 6 private training sessions so far, and the results from those have been amazing. Rusty came to us with no prior training and since Bryan and Kira have started working with him, Rusty is able to sit and hold a down-stay position on command, come to us directly when called, and walk proficiently on a leash, as well as exhibit better behavior overall, such as not jumping on us and playing well with our 4 year old son. We’ve been truly impressed by how knowledgeable Bryan is regarding all things dog related, especially their wolf ancestors, which allows us to better understand Rusty’s natural drives and instincts so that we can work with them and not against them.

I would HIGHLY recommend ProTrain Memphis for all of your dog training needs.

Dee Dee and Joey Saladino, Memphis, TN

I love German Shepherds! I found an excellent breeder and invested in the dog I wanted for home protection. He grew and grew and became a huge powerful beast. I knew I needed to have discipline training for such a magnificent animal and chose, after careful consideration, ProTrain. One of the best decisions ever! Bryan and Kira took my Panzer and trained him in their exclusive Obedience Boarding School. When he returned he was attentive and well disciplined. Since that time he has remained glued to the side of my fiancé whom he is charged to protect. I am very pleased with my dog and his trainers. In addition to the wonderful training, ProTrain takes care of my magnificent animal and his brother when we are out of town. Just a phone call or text away and a SUV will appear and take them to” Kira’s Camp”. They returned groomed and happy to see us. I am so glad to have ProTrain to turn for of all of my dog needs. They are courteous, punctual and very professional. They have the experience and resources to get the job done well. I am so happy to have them in my contacts for when I need help. Thanks Bryan and Kira.

Stephen Gipson, Memphis, TN

ProTrain Memphis has taught me so much about training my new puppy, Rosie. From the very first lesson, Bryan was very thorough and kind and caring towards Rosie. She loved his treats! Although the lessons are for Rosie, really they are for me. We spend one hour/week with Bryan and Kira and the rest of the time we’re on our own. Bryan is an excellent teacher and gives me positive feedback and some “tricks of the trade” to help me in training Rosie. We have enjoyed our private lessons and look forward to group lessons. Also, my family is going out of town this summer and I was so worried where I was going to board Rosie. ProTrain Memphis offers refresher boarding! What a wonderful option for us. While we are on our vacation, Rosie will be on vacation with Kira and Bryan reenforcing her training and having some more yummy treats!

Amanda Gowen, Memphis, TN

When we decided to get a puppy, we knew exactly what we wanted – another gentle, loving, affectionate golden beauty. Jake, our 7-year-old golden retriever, has been such a blessing to our family, and we thought it might be fun to get him a playmate. We researched breeders, made phone calls, and eventually decided on a litter. We were so excited when we went to pick up Buddy, our precious new puppy.

Within hours, we knew we were in for a wild ride with this one! Over the next few months, we learned exactly how independent Buddy wanted to be. He wanted nothing to do with his human family. He would take his toys into the farthest room from us, would growl at and bite us ferociously if we came near his food bowl, and never engaged in snuggling or petting. After completing a Basic Obedience Course at a local pet store, we felt that we had learned a few show tricks but still had no control over Buddy. It was so extreme that we were considering getting rid of Buddy and knew that we needed more specialized help if he was ever going to be a loving part of our family.

Luckily, we found ProTrain Memphis! Bryan and Kira were so supportive and understanding! They helped us identify problems without condescending us for our previous methods. We learned that we were not communicating well with Buddy and that he was just as confused and frustrated as we were! Once we got on the same page and gave Buddy the organization and “pack mentality” that he craved, our relationship improved immediately. Bryan and Kira are extremely professional and talented, as well as patient.

These days, Buddy is a busy guy who enjoys well-controlled leash walks. While he still explores his boundaries from time to time, he has a clear understanding that we are the alpha’s of his pack. He even snuggles with us and enjoys being petted. We are so glad that we found ProTrain Memphis and would recommend them to anyone!

Kelley and Michael Dassinger, Memphis, TN

My experience with Bryan and Kira of ProTrain Memphis has been fantastic. Bryan’s extensive background in animal behavior is what first impressed me but his ability to put theory into results is what led me to become a loyal client. Within three training sessions I learned the skills to teach my dog basic commands that she reliably obeys. We both have gained confidence and a better way to communicate. Some of her behavior problems were alleviated just by learning basic obedience. She really enjoyed the sessions and enthusiastically greets the Bailey’s each time we meet. Bryan and Kira are very professional yet warm and personable. It is apparent that they are passionate about their work. In short, Maggie and I give them two paws up!

Jennifer and Dave Henson, Germantown, TN

At around eight months of age, our dog, Daisy, began to exhibit unusual and alarming behavior. Whenever an adult male, including friends and family, would enter our home, she would bark incessantly. There was nothing that we could do to stop the barking or to console Daisy. Her barking fits made it impossible to have house guests, and we were worried about Daisy’s stress level. We consulted our veterinarian, who referred us to Bryan with ProTrain Memphis.

Bryan came to our house, assessed Daisy, and recommended a pharmacotherapy program for Daisy. Within weeks, we noticed an improvement in her behavior, and, now, Daisy is a completely different dog. She no longer barks at house guests, and greets our friends and family with a wagging tail. Her stress is gone and so is ours. We are very grateful for Bryan’s professional assistance, and would strongly recommend ProTrain Memphis to any pet owner.

Karey and Kannon Conway, Germantown, TN

Nehl and I are truly grateful for the help of ProTrain in evaluating and training our new dog, a border collie mix named Bessie. As possibly a 6 or 7 month old puppy, Bessie arrived here to be a part of our family after her rescue. She had early health issues to heal through, and also seemed to have been through a lot of hard experiences living on her own as a young dog. We saw many positive changes in her manners immediately after attending Obedience Boarding School with Bryan and Kira at their home. Bryan carefully preserved her silly, smart border collie spirit while he helped her become socialized to people of all ages, as well as, different types of dogs. After Bessie boarded with Bryan and Kira, he then helped educate and guide our family in our new training roles. I have since confidently referred ProTrain to friends with dog training needs and challenges.

Now, as ‘Bessie James’ grows and is showing new adolescent twists in her behavior, we are relieved that we can turn to Bryan and Kira again. Bryan will evaluate her and continue her training, and then teach us new skills as we train our growing dog to be a loved and well-behaved member of both our family and our neighborhood. She is on her way.

We rely on and have the highest respect for Bryan’s knowledge, skills, experience and kindness.

Leslie and Nehl Aldridge, Germantown, TN

Hey Bryan and Kira,
I wanted to take a moment to tell you what a difference you have made in my life by the work you have done with Mara. I was hesitant to get a dog because that would mean walking them and I knew from past dogs how hard that could be on my busted up legs, so I asked my vet for some recommendations on trainers, one of which was you guys. After researching them, I decided that even though you were more expensive than some, it would be money well spent at the end of the day and I was right! A good dog is a joy in ones life and a bad dog is a chore. The last thing I needed was a chore. I recently had a work party with fifty guests and everyone commented on how good Mara was. Not once did she jump up on anyone or in any way misbehave. Mara is also so good with other dogs. You have done a great job socializing her to both dominant and more submissive dogs. She knows the rules and follows them well. You guys at ProTrain really know your stuff and you have given me a joy in my life! I also love that I have a place to bring Mara for boarding where I know she is safe and that she gets to interact with other dogs and people all the while having her training reinforced. So from both John and me a great big thank you for doing such a great job with Mara and showing us how to continue her training ourselves. I do plan to enroll her in your more advanced class in a few months and even though it means being away from her for a while I know it is well worth it. I look forward to getting her off the leash and having her totally respond to voice commands. So hold her a spot in one of your advanced classes this spring! She is truly a blessing to have in our lives.
Thank You again for all you have done!

Tim Andrews and John Snook, Memphis, TN

When my fiance and I adopted Tigon, we dreamed of taking him everywhere with us, backpacking, camping, kayaking, running, biking, shopping, you name it we wanted him there. Protrain has helped us achieve this dream. Tigon is so well behaved that we get compliments everywhere we go. We run with him several times a week and he never pulls on the leash, not even when a squirrel or cat runs by. We have signed up for additional lessons to begin off leash training and couldn’t be more excited. Because of Protrain we focus a lot less on whether our dog is behaving and a lot more on just having fun and bonding. We highly recommend Protrain to anyone! The whole team is supportive and always such a pleasure to work with! Thank you for being in Memphis!

Thuy Nguyen, Memphis, TN

I am extremely glad that I found ProTrain Memphis. I adopted my dog from a rescue organization in New York this summer, before moving down to Memphis. My dog Emma is really sweet, but I have never owned a dog as an adult. I wanted to work with trainers who had a great deal of experience and also a passion for dogs.

I have been really pleased with my experience at ProTrain Memphis. Bryan and Kira are a great team, and Emma and I have taken both the beginner and intermediate classes with them. Bryan does an excellent job of teaching us ways to understand our dogs and techniques for teaching our dogs cues. Emma actually heels by my left side as we go for a walk around the block, and for the most part, she comes when called. I believe these classes have helped me to understand Emma better and vice versa. I feel so comfortable with the folks at ProTrain, that I have boarded Emma at ProTrain when I go out of town, even though I live in Downtown Memphis. It’s a great place with caring dog people.

Christine Luu, Downtown Memphis, TN

I can not begin to thank ProTrain, and Kira and Bryan Bailey enough for giving “life and light” back to my 6 year old beagle, Mallory! We adopted Mallory when she was two years old. She displayed anxious and aggressive behavior, as well as, barked excessively. She was sweet and loving to her immediate family, and adored our older beagle, but remained very aggressive toward most people that entered our home, other dogs and barked at everything and everyone. Mallory always seemed to have sadness in her eyes. I contributed her sadness and behavior to her “abused” situation prior to our rescue, and then the continued sadness after our older beagle died. A new puppy came along, and I thought for sure that would bring life and joy back to Mallory. Unfortunately, her aggressive behavior, barking, and sadness seemed to get worse. I knew that I needed to seek help for Mallory before something drastic happened. I contacted ProTrain, and Bryan came out to my home for an extensive evaluation with Mallory. Bryan’s knowledge and expertise were quite impressive, and renewed my hope for Mallory. Bryan suggested a pharmacotherapy program for Mallory and submitted a report to her vet. I was extremely skeptical of this program even after talking to my vet. I was worried that Mallory’s personality would change. Bryan and my vet reassured me, and told me to give the program time. Well, I did give the program time, and yes, Mallory’s personality did change. I cannot believe the change in Mallory! She is no longer anxious, does not display aggressive behavior, and does not bark excessively. More importantly, I now see happiness in her eyes! I will be eternally grateful to Bryan, and ProTrain for bringing “life and light” back to Mallory, and to our family!

Shelley Umberson, Germantown, TN

We got Finn when we first bought our house and fell head over heels for this pup. Can you say spoiled? Finn was spoiled y’all. I mean, I even have a small wall dedicated to this guy… a little much? Probably. Okay, yes it is.

So, our son arrived in October and Finn became the spawn of Satan. Well, not really, but pretty darn close. He jumped constantly, barked at us for everything, ruined all of the screens on our windows, and was always wanting to be on top of us. For 5 long months, we threatened to find a new home for this guy. Fixing Finn didn’t seem to be an option or possible. Thanks to our tax return – Enter ProTrain Memphis. They came today for our first in home private lesson.

Y’all, I. Love. Them. Everything they talked about made complete sense as to how a dog operates. Finn was so eager to learn and LOVED Bryan’s treats. He asked if I could pick some up asap, Finn that is. That pup knows his cuisine.

After Bryan and his sweet wife, Kira, left, Finn held his down for over 15 minutes. Yes, it was probably some of beginners luck showing it’s glorious little face, but if you know Finn, you know staying down at all is a major accomplishment. Get that pup a bone! We are so excited about this little venture with Finn. Thank you ProTrain Memphis! We are so excited for the next few sessions. If you live in the Memphis or surrounding area, give these guys a call, stat. I’m not even kidding. Do. It. Now. They offer so many different options of training. I know one will fit your needs.

  • This is not a sponsored post! We just really love them, okay!!

Katie and Josh Kubler, Southaven, MS

Dear Bryan and Kira,

My wife and I took our four year old son and our dog, Molly, (now 8 months old) to the park. Once we arrived we realized we had forgotten Molly’s leash. I know you would have recommended more training before walking Molly without a leash, but I was feeling confident with everything you had taught her. We ventured out and Molly obeyed every command. When I said, “Heel,” she walked by my side. When I said, “Come,” she ran right to me. When I said, “Down,” she stayed down even when I walked about 100 meters across the park. There must have been dozens of children playing around her, not to mention all the other dogs that were in the park, yet Molly did as she was told without hesitation. Thank you for making our dog the best dog in the world! Also, my in-laws have never liked dogs, but because Molly is so well behaved they want to watch her every time we go out of town.


Erica and Paul Vandiver, Arlington, TN

My husband and I recently expanded our family with a beautiful golden retriever puppy. She quickly entered into the biting and jumping stage, and her nipping evolved into painful bites. We heard conflicting advice from so many people, and we were frustrated because none of the recommendations seemed to work on our precious Presley. After researching the work Bryan had done, we enrolled her in his Puppy Preparatory Class. After 3 sessions, we are astounded by her progress. Not only are her biting and jumping habits under control, she has learned to walk on a leash without pulling at just 14 weeks! Because Bryan informed us about her wolf-like tendencies, it is easier to understand and manage all of her behaviors. We cannot thank Bryan enough for his assistance, which has allowed us to truly enjoy our puppy as she develops into a well-trained dog and member of our family! We don’t know what we would have done without ProTrain Memphis, and enthusiastically recommend their passionate instructors to anyone struggling with minor or major issues with their beloved dogs, no matter how old or young they may be!

Kelly & Jon Carroll, Memphis, TN

I just want to take a few minutes to share our ProTrain story. Munchkin is a sweet, sassy, strong, loving mix of a dog. We adopted her from MAS when she was 10-12 weeks old and weighed only 8 lbs. She grew quickly and now weighs in at about 50 lbs.

When we found ProTrain, Munchkin (and mostly we) had developed some really bad habits. After a home training visit, we decided to ask ProTrain for more help! Munchkin spent two weeks with ProTrain in their Obedience Boarding School, Beginner Dog Program. She learned many basic commands that she was missing. Her overall actions are calmer and she enters her kennel without much trouble. These are both big accomplishments. We continue to work on everything she learned.

When summer came, we found the need to board Munchie when we were out of town. What better place than ProTrain, where we knew she would get refresher training and the opportunity to play with other dogs! It was so nice to go away knowing that Munchkin was well cared for, got to spend time with other dogs and learned while she was there. We never have to worry about her when we are gone!

Thank you Kira and Bryan for giving us that peace of mind that comes with knowing our pet is loved and cared for while we are away.

Kim and Sid Stein, Cordova, TN

Rescuing Vedder was a commitment to not only save him from being euthanized, but to give him a happy and safe life. Even though he was a sweet, big, lug, people were afraid of him. I talked with my vet, Dr. Heartsill and she suggested ProTrain. Kira and Bryan had worked with her parents’ dog and she only had great things to say. Vedder spent a month with Kira and Bryan in the Finished Dog Program. The results were more than I hoped for and worth the investment. The turnover lessons were to train me to handle Vedder and I learned so much. If you are looking for training for any breed, I feel 100% confident recommending ProTrain.

Karen Hess, Memphis, TN

I have been an early client of ProTrain’s boarding and training services when Bryan and Kira operated out of their home. The service of bathing and delivery and pick-up is a great benefit to their boarding. Now the new location on Hillshire Circle is a fabulous facility with outdoor play areas and large kennels and the ability to utilize their training is a great benefit. I highly recommend ProTrain.

Jim Gordon, Memphis, TN

Dear Bryan and Kira,

Thank you so much for all the help you have given me and Sam. I had never worked with a trainer before and was unsure of what to expect. The time you took in the beginning to find out what my expectations were and to explain the lessons that Sam and I would be taught helped me to understand the limitations and the challenges of his young age. The nuisances were addressed, and my knowing how to handle and correct the jumping and chewing have made him easier to handle and more enjoyable. Also, having him sit on command and heal has made walking him a pleasant experience. (Most of the time).

Y’all have exceeded my expectations! I appreciate the private lessons and your willingness to work within my time frame. I also appreciate that you will be able to board him while I am out of town. I would recommend Pro Train Memphis to anyone.

I look forward to additional lessons that will benefit me, as well as, Sam.

Thanks again,

Debbie and Chuck Booker, Germantown, TN

ProTrain Memphis Customers John and Courtney MurrahOur unruly 3 year old lab attended ProTrain’s Obedience Boarding School and came home a different dog! He has learned to behave when people come to the door or into our home, we are able to take him on walks without being pulled and he comes when called. Bryan trained the dog, but also taught us how to establish our authority and continue working with him at home so he doesn’t slip back into bad behavior. Now that we are in control instead of the other way around, we enjoy him so much more as a member of the family. Thanks, ProTrain!

Courtney and John Murrah, Memphis, TN

Cornelius and I were so pleased with all the information shared about Shih Tzu “Snowball” that Bryan shared with us. In the short time Bryan and Kira both spent with us we gained so much confidence in talking to Snowball and giving her commands that she understands instead of thinking that she is human and she can “reason” with us. I have been telling all my clients the great experience we had and Snowball is so attentive now.

Thanks for helping us.

Veronica and Cornelius Sanders, Eads, TN